Hawks & Doves

Jessica Ullom is a NC based maker who repurposes found materials in conjunction with both new and dead stock American made textiles. She uses these items to produce utilitarian home goods and accessories, as well as kitchen wares.  Her items are functional, durable, and accessible.  Hawks and Doves strives to source raw materials locally and creates one-of-a-kind American made products that are affordable to everyone.  Kitchen items have been used, abused, tested and approved by working chefs and cooks.

All items are handmade by Jess in Raleigh, NC.


Deco – Raleigh

NOFO – Raleigh

Edge of Urge – Wilmington and Raleigh

The Fort@3215 – Raleigh

Standard Foods - Raleigh

Parker and Otis - Durham

Chet Miller - Durham

Pressed - Fayetteville



IBU - Charleston

Indigo - Charleston



Boho Bungalow – Occidental

Darling Magazine - Los Angeles

Iron and Resin - Ventura

Bernardus Lodge and Spa - Carmel Valley



Alabama Chanin - Florence

Domain South - Huntsville



Star Provisions - Atlanta

Maiden South – Bainbridge



MADE – Phoenix



Gather - Midlothian


Blume - Lebanon


Restaurants and Chefs that use H&D

Death and Taxes – Raleigh, NC

Lucette Grace – Raleigh, NC

Gallo Pelon – Raleigh, NC

Videri Chocolate - Raleigh, NC

Ashley Christensen – Poole’s Diner - Raleigh, NC

Matt Kelly – Mateo - Durham, NC

Vishwesh Bhatt - Snack Bar - Oxford, MS

Tandy Wilson –  City House - Nashville, TN

Lisa Donovan – Nashville, TN

Jason Stanhope – FIG  -  Charleston, SC

Mike Lata- The Ordinary – Charleston, SC

Sean Brock – Husk, Minero – Charleston, SC

Steven Satterfield- Miller Union - Atlanta, GA

Michael Hudman and Andy Ticer - Hog & Hominy - Memphis, TN

Scott Crawford – Crawford & Son – Raleigh, NC

Asha Gomez - Spice to Table - Atlanta, GA

Chris Shepherd - Underbelly - Houston, TX

Cheryl Day - Back In The Day Bakery - Savannah, GA

Sarah Adams - The Bad Bitches - Charleston, SC

Karl Worley - Biscuit Love - Nashville, TN

Jody Adams - Porto - Brookline, MA

Chris Hall - Local Three - Atlanta, GA

Steven Goff - Brine Haus - Raleigh, NC

Kelly Weiss- Slate - Portland, OR

Daniel Zeal - The Gerogian Room - Sea Island, GA

Andrew Tarlow - Marlow & Daughters - Brooklyn, NY

Paige Russell - Hatchet Hall - LA, CA

Sarah Sipe - Pastry Chef - Michy's - Miami, FL